Up Parivartini Jain nun shri rajkumari ji maharaj completes her santhara


Up Parivartini Jain nun shri rajkumari ji maharaj completed her santhara on 10 April at jain sthanak sec 15. She was desciple of sthnakwasi jain nun santhra sadhki up parvartini jain jyoti inspirer of punjabi jain litrature sadhvi sri swaarnkanta ji maharaj. Sadhvi rajkumari was born at gujjranwala pakistan in 1931. She took diksha in 1950 in Jallandhar punjab. She was a great scholar of jain text and had high shishya parivar. She took santhra with blessing of jain achraya smarat Dr. Shiv muni ji maharaj and with the help of sri sangh panchkula. Popular first punjabi writers ravinder jain and purshottame jain came for her darshan,at this occassion sadhvi Dr. Parvinji dedicated her printed thesis to her gurni ji. At the same night she completed her santhra.

On 11 April entire jain community gathered for her last darshan, on 12th April big gathering came for her last cremation ceremony. All sri jain sangh and individuals came in thousands,big procession began from jain sthanak and ended at sri jinader gurukul a total distance of 4 k.m with bands. Sangh paid their homage with shawal,sandelwood,coconut and ghee and other material used for last ceremony according to jain tradition.
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Santhara - 1