Save Phoenix Jain Temple


Jai Jinendra,

I want to appeal on behalf of Jain Center of Greater Phoenix (JCGP) for your urgent support. As you might know, JCGP has been working with their bank to avoid legal proceedings as they were unable to make monthly mortgage payments. JCGP is continuing their negotiation with the bank and will likely have to settle the outstanding loan for $1.9 million to save the temple and make it debt free.

JCGP community has received tremendous support. JAINA is making an appeal to all Jains in North America for $400K (average $100 per family donation). Once this burden of loan is reduced, JCGP community will be able to manage the temple.

I request everyone to take LABH by supporting one of the most beautiful Jain temples in North America. All donations in any amount are welcome as there is a great power in our combined strength. You can find a list of open opportunities for donation and sponsorship on JCGP website.

Please send all donations payable to
"Jain Center of Greater Phoenix” to JCGP at PO BOX 64221 Phoenix AZ 85082

You can also donate via credit card/PayPal on their website www.jcgp.org

Jain temples are core of our spirituality and symbol of our culture, values and beliefs. Please contribute to save one of our own Jain Temple. No amount is small and as united Jain community we have great strength. Let us all help out.

Thank you for your generous support!

Dr. Sushil Jain
JAINA President