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Sri Dharmakeerthiji to be Humcha's New Bhattarakha


Humcha (Shimoga District, Karnataka), 23 September 2011: The long awaited news is finally out. Vichara Patta Kshullaka Sri Dharmakeerthi Swamiji will be the new Bhattaraka of Sri Deevendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Peetha at Humcha. The Bhattarakha sea thad fallen vacant since July 14, 2010 owing to the death (samadhi) of its previous Bhattarakha.

The news about the selection of the new pontiff was announced by Dharmadhikari Dr.D.Veerendra Heggade of Dharmasthala, president of the commitee that over sees the management of Humcha. It can be recalled here that this committee was constituted after the samadhi of the previous Bhattarakha.

The news was anounced after the formal process of asking 'Prasada' from Goddess Padmavathi the chief deity of Humcha. Prasada is a ritual followed in Karnataka where in a question is placed before the fully decorated idol of the Goddess by a priest or Shravaka (Jain house holders). Falling of flowers from the right of the idol is considered as auspicious and people go ahead with performing a particular task. A similar task was followed on Friday September 23, 2011.

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