Shri Dholaka Teerth

First Women Army Officer From Jain Community


Many Jains have served the armed forces from ancient time. History also confirms that even Jain women have worked as soldiers and Generals. The one of the greatest women warriors of India was Queen Abbakka, who was a Jain. In this new era, this tradition of joining police and armed forces for Jain women is still alive. There is a small village called Dudhgaon, Near Sangli in Maharshtra. This village is situated on the bank of river Varana. The village is know as a Jain village, as majority of the people here are Jains. 100% literacy and a great tradition of joining Maharashtra Police and Indian Armed Forces are seen here. Amruta Kole, a Jain girl from this village joined Indian Army as 2nd Lieutenant, and now she is a Captain. She is daughter of Mr. Balasaheb Kole, a Bank Officer. Amruta joined Indian Army through Service Selection Board. Now she is working in Army Air Defense Section. This section works for stopping enemy's attack from Air. She was declared MT Tejswini in 2008 by Maharashtra Times, a leading Newspaper of Maharashtra. She wants to encourage women from rural area to Join Armed Forces. Amruta's story is inspiring for all Jains and all women. This prestigious award is offered to the women who are working in other than traditional way of career.