Uvasaggaharam Stotra for iphone ipad from winjit


Uvasaggaharam Stotra was composed 2,100 years ago by Shree Bhadrabahu Swami, a very powerful Jain Monk. Another powerful Jain monk was Varahmihir but he could not bear to see his brother getting the Acharya position and getting more respect. Varahmihir became angry with Jains and the Jain religion on the whole. It is said that Varahmihir after his death became a ‘Vyantar dev’ and started giving Upsarg (pain) to the Jains on earth. His actions born mainly out of jealousy and anger towards his brother Bhadrabahu Swami, brought a lot of ruin to Jains. At such a difficult time the people approached Bhadrabahu Swami for help. Moved by their plight, Bhadrabahu Swami wrote “Uvasaggaharam” – to pay respect to 23rd tirthankar Bhagwan Parshvanath and seek his help in making all Upsargs vanish(In fact, the literal meaning of Uvasaggaharam is removal (har) of upsurges). This Stotra evoked demi-gods and they had to come to earth every time somebody read it with full concentration. In its original form it was very powerful. Soon people started using this Stotra excessively for smaller things and petty material desires. Fearing misuse of the same, one gatha (stanza) of the Stotra was abolished. Today, though short of one stanza, it still occupies the place of pride and is considered more powerful than any other prayer. The application that was created from the perspective of providing the user the convenience of reciting the Uvasaggaharam Stotra while on the move.

The inspiration behind the application, “Daily Need of Global Indian Jain who has limited access this kind of tools on the move. The user can read the Uvasaggaharam Stotra in Hindi, English & Gujrathi. At the same time the user can listen to Uvasaggaharam Stotra and depending on the language selected the paragraph is synched while the audio is being played. The user can also keep a count of how many times have they read the application as well as how many times have the heard the audio. One can download the trial version of application for the Iphone & Ipad and can also do an in app purchase. In case of people wishing to buy it in India,