The Holly Trail


Dr Navin Shah's article "The Holly Trail" (April 15) misses the mark by confusing his pilgrimage with a travelogue. Leaving aside glaring inaccuracies (Lord Adinath did not attain Nirvana at Palitana) the article, as presented is likely to discourage a would be pilgrim.He has used layman's language addressing Bhagwan or describing poojas or other sacred rituals. One must approach such religious subjects with appropriate reverence - VINAY.

The article is preoccupied with lack of comfort, absence of cleanliness and chaos of what is everyday India familiar to all of us. His ranting adds nothing to the exhilaration he could have described on reaching top of the Shatrunjay or majesty of Ranakpur Temple One embarks on a pilgrimage as a pious effort to recharge one's spiritual battery not as a joy ride to a vacation spot. As the old saying goes -"No gain without Pain"

Austerity, charity, hardship, celibacy and fasting are the hallmark of any pilgrimage. Witness Hindu pilgrims to Mqansaovar or Muslims going to Mecca their account of perseverance, patience and fulfillment will inspire you to embark on your own journey on a Holly trail.

Tempted by the treasuries of these pilgrimage places,Gujarat government (as are other state governments) is eying Paltana, Girnar and other pilgrimage sites for developing them as tourist destinations. That would destroy sanctity of our pilgrimage places. It would be better if articles with spiritual viewpoints were presented where places of pilgrimages are concerned.