Shri Dholaka Teerth

Conservation work at a Jain Temple in Sultanbathery


Archaeological Survey of India Circle office condemned the "false" reports in a section of the press on resumption ofconservation work at a Jain Temple in Sultanbathery in Wayanad District on October 16.

"Some people with the support of the media, are making a hue and cry that ASI is damaging the temple by spending a huge amount of Rs 1.5 crore which is far from the truth", T Sreelakshmi , Superintending Archaeologist, said in a statement here. It created a tense situation in and around the temple, she added.

Sreelakshmi clarified that the estimate for the work was about Rs 16 lakh which included water tightening of the leaking roof and providing ramp for the physically challenged.

Reports appearing yesterday in a section of the press had stated that ASI had broken the roof of the Jain Temple, popularly known as Kianganad Basti,for repairs and maintenance following a minor leak on the roof, on October 16.