New Jinalaya in Vashi to have 1,075 idols of the 24 Tirthankaras


NAVI MUMBAI, May 9, 2014: Thousands of devotees, belonging to Jain community from different parts of the country, thronged at a Vashi ground in sector 10 to witness the foundation laying ceremony of Sahasrakut Jinalaya. The ceremony, known as Pancha Kalyan Mahotsav, established a Jinalaya, which will house 1,075 metal idols in various sizes of the 24 Tirthankaras.
The consecration ceremony of the idols started on Thursday and the final installation ceremony will be held on Monday. "We had to organize the five-day programme at Sainath Hindi High School ground to accommodate thousands of outstation devotees. The idols will be transported to the main Digamber temple on the final day," said B K Jain, a trustee.
At the top of the temple, which is 27-ft-high, 1,000 miniature idols have already been placed. Apart from these 1,000, the high priests will place 24 marble idols, each 2-ft-long, in the middle level of the temple. There are two five-feet-high idols that had been placed in the middle level years ago.
The Jain community is eagerly anticipating the establishment of these new idols in the temple, which is almost 17 years old. Another 51 miniature idols, which are 3 inches tall, have been placed across the temple at various levels. Source: Times of India