SOAS Centre of Jaina Studies


Dear Friends,

Due to budget cuts at SOAS, specialised courses with less than 10 students per year such as our flagship Introduction to Prakrit (Jain Maharashtri) taught by Professor Emeritus JC Wright are threatened to be culled.

Thanks to generous donations of members of this CoJS mailing list in 2011 we were able to keep the course in Jaina Maharashtri  going in the last two academic years. Jaina Prakrit is indispensable for students studying Jaina Scriptures in the original.

Yet, now we are facing the same situation again. Only if we can raise funds of merely £3300 can this important course continue in 2013-14.

If Jain organisations in the UK or concerned individuals would adopt this course by making a small donation each, to be acknowledged in the course publicity unless otherwise stated, then this unique resource for Jaina Studies worldwide could be preserved for the time being.

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