Shri Dholaka Teerth

Muni Tarunsagarji celebrates rakhi festival as kanya gaurav divas


“Vansh ka ansh Paramhans ho ye jaroori nahi, Kans bhi ho sakta hai…” (It is not necessary that your heir will be an enlightened soul, he can be someone like Kans, (the evil uncle of lord Krishna too). — With this Kadve Pravachan, Muni Tarunsagar, who is well-known for his bitter but popular oratory style, inaugurated his Rakshabandhan festival. The Jain monk celebrated the festival day as ‘Kanya Gaurav Divas’ in the presence of more than 10,000 people at his discourse place. The monk led a rally against female foeticide during his discourse showing a mirror to the society about the evils of female infanticide. Citing an example from Mahabharata and the Ramayana, he said, “Dhritarashtra had 100 sons but none could fetch him the honour of fathering them, whereas Sita brought much respect and dignity to her father, King Janak by becoming an example of womanhood.” Concluding his speech, he said “In the 21st century people discriminating girls, are still living in the 14th century.” World’s shortest woman Jyoti Amge was the chief guest of the celebration. She tied the first Rakhi to Tarunsagar Maharaj’s peacock feather broom. Amge also appealed to the audience to pledge against female foeticide. She said, I am also a girl, but I have brought fame to my parents. Girls can also make their parents proud by their work, so let the girl child be born. As the discourse was dedicated to the issue of female foeticide, 100 girls who didn’t have brothers were invited on the dais.