JCOCO Jain Temple Pratishtha


The JCOCO’s new Temple pratishtha mahotsav activities were performed and celebrated for the first Jain temple in Columbus metropolitan area, in Ohio on July 20, 21,22, 23 2012 with great enthusiasm, success, and enriched participation by Jains as well as Non-Jains.

Jain pratishtha musical, religious songs and dramas were guided and presented by shri Ashutosh Vyas and group from India. Vidhis, Boli leadership and bhakti songs were performed by Shri Narendrabhai Nandu, his son and group from India very successfully. Pratishtha’s religious speeches and vidhis by Shri Bhatarak Charukeerthji of Moodbidri, Karnataka India, Shree Nareshbhai Shah from New York, Shri Amrendra Muni , Dr, Tarlaben Doshi, Shri Girishbhai Shah, and other prominent Jain leaders simply glorified the joyous Mahotsav celebration.

Local Delaware County dignitaries who attended the functions are Tommy Thompson, Commissioner, Delaware County and John M. Eufinger, Magistrate, Delaware County Court, along with Niranjan Patel the local prominent democratic party politician.

The presence of Dr. Sushil Jain, respectable Jaina President and Dr. Manish Mehta the Jaina’s Midwest Vice-president is appreciated.

The cooperation from the populated place of Lewis Center, Delaware county of Ohio, local school district and local residents during varghodo and other activities is praiseworthy. The weather was very blessfull.

The Pratishtah Mahotsav Sanghpati rolls were performed by Shri Talakchand and Smt. Taraben Shah, and also Dr. Nikhil Doshi and Smt Rupaben Doshi.

The JCOCO executive committee, Sona Mehta President, Dinesh Vora Vice-President, The BOT committee of Dr. Mukesh Shah, Dr. Nikhil Doshi, Dr. Dalsukh Madia, Anish Doshi, Tansukh Salgia and sub-committees of Temple, Pratishtha etc. provided hard and sincere work for the success of the temple project.

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