Shri Dholaka Teerth

Anshu Jain to take over as Deutsche Bank CEO on June 1


The ability to dissect situations and see outcomes that most others cannot has earned Jain oodles of awe and respect from the movers and shakers in the world of finance. And it's not just the likes of Warren Buffett and his trusted manager Ajit Jain - a cousin of Anshu - of Berkshire Hathaway who stop to listen when the Deutsche banker talks.

Close to a decade ago, before she became chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel took a tutorial on financial markets from Jain. Such encounters with the high and mighty will stand Jain in good stead when he takes charge of Deutsche at a time the eurozone is in turmoil and when the US government is targeting the German bank for investments that turned toxic during the subprime crisis. It's also a key requirement since he will be taking over from Josef Ackermann, one of Europe's most powerful bankers, whose counsel is often sought by heads of state.

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