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The Invincible Ascetic

Tarun Sagar Muni

Jain World completes 23 years in service of Jainism

Muni Shri TarunSagar Ji

has performed “Sallekhana”

final day on … 1 September 2018

Meaning of ….. SALLEKHANA
     Sallekhana – Mastering Death!!!

Sallekhana is embracing the death voluntarily when both householders and ascetics foresee that the end of the life is very near either due to the old age, incurable disease, severe famine, attack from the enemy or wild animal, etc. At such time one overcomes all the passions and abondons all the worldly attachments by observing austerities such as gradually abstaining from the food and the water and simultaneously meditating on the true nature of the Self until the soul parts the body. An approximate assessment of the remaining span of the life is necessary in order to adjust to the nature of the fasting. He should endure all the hardships, but if he falls ill or for any other reason can not maintain the peace of mind, then he should give up Sallekhana and resume taking foods and other activities.

Accepting to perform Sallekhana is a very special vow. The principle behind this vow is that a person while giving up this body with complete peace of mind, calmness, and patience, without any fear at all not only prevents the influx of the new karmas but also purges the old karmas which are attached to the soul.

Sallekhana is also known by the other names like

Samnyas-marana, Samadhi-marana, Santhara etc.

A householder, who accepts this vow with pure mind, gives up the friendship, enmity, and possessiveness. He should forgive his relatives, companions and servants or acquaintances and should ask for the pardon of all the past unpleasant deeds against them. He should discuss honestly with his perceptor all the sins committed by him or sins, which he asked others to commit, or sins he encouraged others to commit. During the period of this vow he should eliminate from his mind all the grief, fear, regret, affection, hatred, prejudice, passions, etc., to the fullest extent.


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Mile Stones in his life

Jain-Sanyas at the age of 13.* Digambar Muni Deeksha at the age of 20.

* Address to the nation from Red Fort at the age of 33.

* Honoured as ‘National Saint-Rashtra Sant’ at the age of 35.

* Started the new tradition of Guru-Mantra Deeksha at the age of 37.

* Address to ‘Indian Army’ and receives the ‘Guard of Honour’ from Army at the age of 38.

* Address to VIPs in Raj Bhavan (Bangalore) and Keynote Speaker on the occasion of International Mahamastakabhishek of Bhagawan Bahubali in Shravanabelagola(Karnataka) at the age of 39.

* Historic decision to continue to be on the post of Muni in spite of ill health (18th Sept., 2007, Kolhapur) at the age of 40.

* Participated in the main march-past of RSS in Nagpur, address to participating Swayamsewaks and discourse at Chief Minister’s residence in Raipur at the age of 43.

* Address to Legislative Council of Madhya Pradesh (27th July, 2010) and in the Chief Minister’s residence (8th December) at the age of 44.

* Inclusion in ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ ( 2nd Oct, 2012, Ahmedabad) and ‘Limca Book of Records'(28th Aug, 2012) at the age of 45.

* Samyukta Chaturmas (2013, Jaipur) of Digambar and Shwetambar Munis for the first time in the 2500 years old history of Jains at the age of 46.

* Publishing of his much discussed work-‘Kadve Pravachan’ in 14 languages on his arrival in Delhi after 14 years by Diamond Books at the age of 4

Jain World Achievements in 22 years.
  • A non-profit Foundation in USA, is unique and has already revolutionizing the way Jainism is perceived globally.
  • Our Mission*24L* plan makes sure that extends coverage to 97% of the global population.
  • It has already translated Jainism in 41 languages and made the core values of Jainism accessible to all, all the time.
  • More than 500 million cumulate hits from 1996.
  • A global resource center with authentic and original Jain scripture to serve everyone, Jains and non-Jains, from a casual visitor to a serious research fellow.
  • This is a historical landmark in the cause of Jainism not achieved before. Jainworld is now a truly global movement participated from 187 countries.
  • Since 1996, Jain World has worked relentlessly to create a visible, global signature for Jainism.
  • More than 700 Jainism related outreach efforts by Radio-TV talks, lectures, discussion groups for non-Jain audience were initiated in world languages through Jain World.
  • Jain Recipes on Jain World have created dramatic awareness about Jain foods and remains a valuable source for all hotels, airlines, TV and individuals worldwide.
  • Massive project to bring all Jain scripture older than 2000 years on web was first initiated by Jain World.
  • Jain World collaborated with several media organizations in putting Jainism on their web site and helping them to film Jain temples and Jain way of life in India especially for non-English world audiences.
  • Jain World is de facto entry point globally to the exciting world of Jainism
  • Work on many more languages is continuing along with enhancement of existing language editions. Make sure you are part of it.
  • Your dedication can make a significant difference. Be a part of this exciting, fulfilling movement — Mission*24L*
Thanks and Regard
Vinod and Jain World teams.
“The 21st Century is the perfect time in history to set your heart aflame with the ancient message of Jainism or ‘Jina,’ a teaching more relevant and more urgently needed than ever before.  The Digital Age makes it possible to share our passion about ‘Jina Vani’ (the essence of Jainism), the oldest living religion, with a huge number of human beings around the world securing Jainism a valuable global identity and name recognition.”
– Vinod
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